In Love

In Love

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The world needs to know!

You know there is always that one person who comes into your life right when you need them the most? Well I was lucky enough to have that one special person come into my life 3 weeks before my beloved brother passed away, and that one person is my dear husband Steven Merrill!
This is a picture of us 3 months after we met!
I really didn't know what to think about Steven when i first met him.....first off it was because we met each other on some wild terms (many of you already know the story of how we met).  So I wasn't sure if he was just another guy trying to get me in the sack, or if he was completely genuine, and oh boy did I luck out!  He is one of a kind!

I met Steven in riverdale... He was driving home minding his own business, and i was out at the same time riding in the passenger seat of the car that one of my girly friends was driving, so there were about 5 wild girls crammed in one tiny car heading home after having a few drinks.  Well when i saw Steven driving his truck home, he had his cowboy hat on and i wanted that mans what is a girl to do?.... Well I'll tell you what i did; I flashed him my boobs right out the front window of the car, and i was right on getting his attention that way! (ha ha)  We flagged Mr. Cowboy (that's what we called Steven for the longest time) over, and had him pull over on the side of the road so my friend and I could hop in his truck and have join us at my friends house to have a beer or 2.
Steven was a complete gentleman the whole night and even took me home later that night, and left without even a kiss from me.
From my surprise he called me the next day, and oh man!, I had the butterflies going like crazy because i didn't think he would really call me the next day, especially since i told him i had a 4 week old baby!  He continued to keep in touch on the phone for a couple of days and invited me AND Braxton out to lunch with him to Cutlers a couple of days later.
Thing were going great between us, and we didn't go a day without talking to each other.  About 2 weeks after we met, Steven had his regular UTA (military training) weekend, which he has every month, and the morning of September 14th, 2008 My dear brother passed away due to drug overdose, and my mother, father, and I woke up to him dead on the bathroom floor upstairs.  I was crushed!  I felt like my whole world ended, and I didn't know I could ever have that terrible of a feeling (which i NEVER wish upon ANYONE)... My first instinct was to call Steven, and of course he left his training (which isn't something easy to do because his military career depends on it) and rushed right on over to the house to help comfort me and my parents.  I never knew till that day that there really ARE genuine people out there who really DO care, and they are very very rare, and dammit i was one hell of a lucky girl to have him in my life especially at that moment!
Steven packed a bag for a few nights (remember - we barely knew each other, no more than 2 weeks or so) and he stayed the night we me every night for that whole week that we had my brothers funeral and services.

I knew from that week-on, that he was "the one!"  I just hoped, and prayed that he felt the same way...My parents fell in love with Steven right away also, so I knew right then that he was also "the one", especially if he got the Bosses approval (my dad),  and trust me, that is pretty tough to do!  As the months went on we became closer and closer and my fairy tale that i dreamt of as a child was finally a reality!! I really found my prince charming!!  I never wanted it to end!  Things just seemed to be perfect with our relationship, and of course the day AFTER valentines day (2009) Steven proposed to me in front of everyone at the church that he has gone to for a very long time.  He even managed to work things out to where my parents snuck in to watch it all happen and I didn't even realize they were there until after the proposal!! I burst into tears when i saw my parents stashed in the balcony in the back of the room!
Oh man i never knew that the love stories that you see in movies, actually DO come true!
I can honestly say that i have been living a fairy tale ever since the day i met that man.
He is the most genuine, kind hearted, patient, and understanding man i have ever met!  He reminds me allot of my fathers personality and I think that has allot to do with why i fell for him so quickly...Because my Dad is my hero and i wouldn't know what to do if i ever lost that man! between him and my mother; they are my best place to go to for advice and guidance...the two people who gave me the beautiful life that i got to experience.
My Father (Danny) and my mother (Laurie).  Thank you guys for all you have done for me in my life!
Our first Christmas together
To kind of wrap up my story...The thing i wanted the world to know is....I am one blessed and fortunate girl! I have a husband who i call a different "breed" because there aren't many men out there that are as amazing and genuine like him; I have 3 beautiful children who let me discover how it feels to be a mom, and I believe that is the best title you could ever have i the entire world!  I love being a mom, and a wife! My parents are like teenager and travel ALL the time so they are staying busy and happy, yet when they are in town they spend every second with me, Steven, and the grand kids!  I just have a really amazing life and I am so blessed to have the people in my life that i do till this day!
One more piece of advice - Because of loosing my best friend, my brother...Hug and kiss everyone you love every time you see them regardless of what is going on, because life can change in a second and take that one special person away from you!...and don't say "that will never happen to me," because i thought the same thing,....but it did happen, so I dont take ANYTHING or ANYONE for granite....ever.... just enjoy your life, dont sweat the small stuff.

Rest is peace my beloved brother!
Daniel Scott Schroader
July 9, 1982 - September 14, 2008
I can't wait for the day where we will be together again.


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